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Full-time business writer. Part-time poet. One-time philosopher. @stuart_Ov Guestbook

WIWO: Q4 2017/18

What I'm working on right now:

  • ~~Finishing a new business card website for philosophy practice~~ – now live @

  • ~~Defining what philosophy practice is and isn't~~ – made a first fist of that here

  • Not getting het up over (2)

  • ~~Getting settled into the home stretch of H2 at Moorepay~~

  • Finding a balance between growing the babes and chasing the ego

  • Figuring out how to manage a full-time life and a part-time MA at the same time

  • Working maybe eight poems through final edits

  • A critical consideration of The Herring Famine by Adam o'Riordan

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