Week 001

April 16, 2018

[A log (of sorts) as I explore and educate myself in the world's of web-development and open data]

  1. Replaced Windows 10 with KDE Neon.

  2. Made some updates to KDE Neon using these steps.

  3. Started this Listed blog - using the wonderful Standard Notes

  4. In writing this post discovered you can alter the CSS of your Listed blog, something I need to look in to!

  5. Creating an online-course study timeline for the next six months from a range of online course to get me back up to speed with HTML, CSS and to start learning Python for data editing. Also hopefully some elementray Javascript, APIs and data visualisation goodness as well.

  6. Slight delay as we had to replace the floor in the sitting room due to wood lice! Therefore no internet connection for a couple of days. Sketched out some wireframes for a personal home page in the down time.

  7. Joined Meetup - it seems to be what the cool kids do. Need to decide to go to a gathering, and have the self confidence to actually go!

  8. One Meetup group required me to have a profile picture before joining. Therefore need to find a profile picture I can use on this, and other sites.

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