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Week 002

[A log (of sorts) as I explore and educate myself in the world's of web-development and open data. Links to previous weeks at the end.]

  1. Got frustrated that my laptop, more specifically with KDE Neon. Issues included:

    • it has stopped restarting from suspend properly;
    • Monday evening KMail stopped displaying my email, neither as HTML nor plain text. Running KMail from the terminal, didn't throw up any error messages;
    • wireless didn't start after a shutdown and restart. Testing showed this to be inconsistent.
  2. Spent an evening looking for solutions - but nothing seemed to resolve these problems. Could file bugs etc. but my focus is on other matters. (Sorry community!)

  3. I feel some distrohopping coming on - but need to get back to working system asap as I'm never going to achieve my goals jumping around operating systems.

  4. Tried TrueOS as I have always been tempted to play with FreeBSD. Suprised it installed fine. Hardware compatability was good, except wifi, whcih is kind of a deal breaker! Tempted to buy a USB wifi dongle just to get it to work and give it a try as the BSD urge is growing.

  5. Installed Fedora to try something that wasn't Ubuntu based. Installed fine, and is working fine. Suspend doesn't seem to work at all though. Nope...spoke to soon - just realised it is now using the wrong graphics driver and relying on llvmpipe. Trying to make the system use the Intel driver causes the desktop to crash before I can see what the matter is. Bah-humbug.

  6. In deleting KDE Neon I realised I lost my 'study plan' (see Week 0001 for details), so had to reconstruct that! Saved it as a note to Standard Notes so that doesn't happen again.

  7. I thought driver problems on Linux were a thing of the past; it appears not if you have a relatively new laptop. Maybe, just maybe, I've got elementary OS working OK.

  8. Just realised it is 20 April and I haven't even begun my 'April study'!

  9. Given up. Gone back to Windows to get stuff done. Might have one last fling with TrueOS and a WiFi dongle, but for now I just want get on.

  10. Bought my first mechanical keyboard. Typing has never felt so nice.

  11. Discovered the #100daysofcode challenge. As I'm failing miserabley to get anything done so far, this seems a way to be accountable (to Twitter at least!) so I may well give it a go, starting Monday.

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Week 001

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Week 001

[A log (of sorts) as I explore and educate myself in the world's of web-development and open data]

  1. Replaced Windows 10 with KDE Neon.

  2. Made some updates to KDE Neon using these steps.

  3. Started this Listed blog - using the wonderful Standard Notes

  4. In writing this post discovered you can alter the CSS of your Listed blog, something I need to look in to!

  5. Creating an online-course study timeline for the next six months from a range of online course to get me back up to speed with HTML, CSS and to start learning Python for data editing. Also hopefully some elementray Javascript, APIs and data visualisation goodness as well.

  6. Slight delay as we had to replace the floor in the sitting room due to wood lice! Therefore no internet connection for a couple of days. Sketched out some wireframes for a personal home page in the down time.

  7. Joined Meetup - it seems to be what the cool kids do. Need to decide to go to a gathering, and have the self confidence to actually go!

  8. One Meetup group required me to have a profile picture before joining. Therefore need to find a profile picture I can use on this, and other sites.

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