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August 11th and 12th - This Weekend's Best Articles

Sunday is always so bitter sweet. Here are the best articles from this weekend:

This weekend's best story
The flourishing business of fake YouTube views

Martin Vassilev makes a good living selling fake views on YouTube videos. Working from home in Ottawa, he has sold about 15 million views so far this year, putting him on track to bring in more than $200,000, records show.

Interesting tech stories

In politics

Your fun story before the grind starts back up...

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August 10th - Today's Best Articles

We made it to Friday! Here are today's stories.

Infowars vs Tech is still leading the headlines

What a day in politics

Some world news

Parting thoughts
We goat to Friday!


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August 9th - Today's Best Articles

Today was quite a day in news. Here are the highlights...

my thoughts
If we stop talking about Infowars and Alex Jones, does that mean he is no longer popular? Take that one in.

In tech news...

There was one golden rule: “Don’t suggest the mistress to the wife.”

In politics...

alt text

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August 8th - Today's Best Articles

Today was quite a day in news. Here are the highlights...

Magic Leap is for Sale!
Here are some highlights from CNET:

What happened to don't be evil?

They compiled a list of thousands of websites that were banned, and then integrated this information into a censored version of Google.

Is that the... Pixel 3?

In politics...

In other news
Jack called in to Hannity's show today. 2018, man.

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