Notes to my future self

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Training form

Here is another example picture.

Another picture. Screenshot of prices from sthlm to havana on google flights

Online account names

It is good to have some structure when choosing names for online services such as email and twitter. Here is the order that I try them out in. If the first name is taken, I go to the second one, and so on.

  1. Jacob
  2. Lindberg
  3. JacobLindberg
  4. Jacobv
  5. jacob930321

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My todo apps

I use two. One for reminders and one for outlines. Ideally I would use one, but there is no single one that works for me so I have an exlemment reminders app for quick and easy tasks andan excellent outlier for large and complex projects.

What goes where? Example of stuff in my reminders app... Example of protects in my outline: ideas for blog posts and their first draft, learning projects, switching form goggle apps to other providers, currmrt workout schema

I do store some notes in the outline. Because really it is my structured thinking. And then on the items I use tags in order to filter out what must be done, so that I don't have to spend time reading notes when I'm ready to execute.

Reminders is rtm. Tags context cerrands chome cwork. Create smart lists. And refgurring items. Then a widget on my phone.

Almost does not us lists. Except for handla. And axlantic which is an area.

Outline. Workflowy. Phone and website. Areas and projects. Tags such a todo next e3

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