2018 Manifesto

Well 2018 is upon us. I have been becoming a great enthusiast of the indoors, an expert Netflix binger, and master web surfer. In this new year I vow to stop the insanity!

With children a tad older and more durable, I need to get me and them out more. I plan on making all my kids expert fixed line fishermen and expert outdoor explorers. How, well I am not rightly sure yet. Time is a commodity I haven’t had much of in the past few years. But we will be getting outside.

I will not let my kids become part of this modern culture, well they can be in it, but not made of it. I want them outside, reading books, and lusting for adventure. I want them to not cringe at a sight of a bug, but be fascinated by it. I want them to understand the dangers and also the beauty the outdoors has to offer.

I am not sure how exactly I will introduce this process, but I think lot’s of fishing will be involved. Please feel free to remind me constantly of this manifesto throughout the year if you see me posting about the latest episodes of “The Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones”.

Wish me luck!