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Gratitude diary 14/08/18

Grateful for a dyslexic brain with I-Strength (Interconnected Reasoning), to identify opportunities and make them happen

Gratitude diary 8/08/18

Grateful for a super simple backup system coupled with a super simple VPN on Linux

Gratitude diary 6/08/18

Grateful for a wonderful comedy weekend in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival

Gratitude diary 2/08/18

Grateful for hyperfast broadband which is worth every penny

Gratitude diary 1/08/18

Greatful for people who stand true to their word and remember you in the future

Gratitude diary 31/07/18

Greatful to be honest and upfront with loved ones

Gratitude diary 30/07/18

Greatful to rely on my network of great people I have met over time

Gratitude diary 23/06/18

Grateful for friends all over the world

Gratitude diary 29/07/18

Greatful for friends and good times together

Gratitude diary 25/07/18

Greatful for freedom at work to explore and spend time thinking not just doing.

Gratitude diary 24/07/18

Greatful my actions for good are noticed and rewarded

Gratitude diary 23/07/18

Greatful for sleep

Graduate diary 22/07/18

Greatful to have quality time with my partner

Graduate diary 21/07/18

Greatful to have shared time and alone time

Graduate diary 20/07/18

Greatful to see old and young enjoying Jazz together

Graduate diary 19/07/18

Grateful for good news about the health of my family

Graduate diary 18/07/18

Grateful for great collaborative partners

Graduate diary 17/07/18

Grateful for a cooler but still warm day

Graduate diary 16/07/18

Grateful to be going away not far but somewhere I haven't been for 10 years.

Graduate diary 15/07/18

Grateful for someone who also explores and brushes with the unknown