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Gratitude diary 26/5/19

Greatful to see the rest of the EU election results is somewhat more sensible than the UK brexit take over

Gratitude diary 25/5/19

Greatful to spend time with my partner, parents and my auntie in one warm day

Gratitude diary 24/5/19

Greatful to learn about virtual marginalisation and be able to help refine it better in the future

Gratitude diary 23/5/19

created_at: 2019-05-23 23:52:00

Greatful to meet up with a old good friend from school

Gratitude diary 22/5/19

Greatful my second hand furnature can be useful to others

Gratitude diary 21/5/19

Greatful for the handwritten envelope from a business today

Gratitude diary 20/5/19

Greatful to be pushed forward by others

Gratitude diary 19/5/19

Greatful to have flu killing drugs, meaning I can get stuff done while not too ill

Gratitude diary 18/5/19

created_at: 2019-05-18 23:41:00

Greatful to still be active while ill

Gratitude diary 17/5/19

Greatful to get home and be able to host a old friend in Manchester

Gratitude diary 16/5/19

created_at: 2019-05-16 23:58:00

Greatful to have the time to learn about new things in a amazing conference in work time

Gratitude diary 15/5/19

Greatful to see friends from the North East in such glorious weather

Gratitude diary 14/5/19

Greatful to have meetings in the sunshine

Gratitude diary 13/5/19

Greatful waking up to my partners smile

Gratitude diary 12/5/19

Greatful for spontaneous times in the sunshine

Gratitude diary 11/5/19

Greatful to play volleyball till I pretty much dropped

Gratitude diary 10/5/19

Greatful to spend time with my partners friends in a relaxed location

Gratitude diary 9/5/19

Greatful to connect with a old student of mine in Berlin

Gratitude diary 8/5/19

Greatful to have explored republicar and met some interesting people

Gratitude diary 7/5/19

Greatful to spend a bit of time with a distance pal at a conference in Berlin