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Senior Firestarter at @BBCRD, ex @bbcbackstage, emergent tech expert, social geek, community wrangler & interested in the future of storytelling in new mediums

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Gratitude diary 12/12/18

Grateful to come Silver place in the Northern Jump Xmas Volleyball tournament, still got the skills

Gratitude diary 10/12/18

Grateful to have my chromebook when things go wrong with an ubuntu update

Gratitude diary 9/12/18

Grateful to be forward thinking enough to suprise my partner

Gratitude diary 8/12/18

Grateful to have dinner at Buttery Dining Hall, Trinity College tonight

Gratitude diary 7/12/18

Grateful to visit Dublin

Gratitude diary 3/12/18

Grateful to be asked for my advice and be interviewd around diversity

Gratitude diary 2/12/18

Grateful to have brunch with my partner and friend

Gratitude diary 1/12/18

Grateful to meet my new partners friends

Gratitude diary 1/11/18

Grateful to meet my new partners friends

Gratitude diary 29/11/18

Grateful to be able to travel as part of work

Gratitude diary 28/11/18

Grateful to be invited to Berlin to give a talk and take part in a panel with other great people

Gratitude diary 27/11/18

Grateful to be spend time with my partner in Berlin

Gratitude diary 26/11/18

Grateful to be getting better at cabin pressure in while flying

Gratitude diary 24/11/18

Grateful to have great friends who I can laugh

Gratitude diary 23/11/18

Grateful to help where I can

Gratitude diary 22/11/18

Grateful to be more patient than I use to be

Gratitude diary 21/11/18

Grateful to build potentially a new collaboration partner

Gratitude diary 20/11/18

Grateful to have some time to myself

Gratitude diary 19/11/18

Grateful to have respectful airbnb guests

Gratitude diary 18/11/18

Grateful to have hawksmoor steak dinner with friends and partner