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Senior Firestarter at @BBCRD, ex @bbcbackstage, emergent tech expert, social geek, community wrangler & interested in the future of storytelling in new mediums

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Gratitude diary 21/10/18

Grateful for trying new places

Gratitude diary 20/10/18

Grateful for time with my partner in Liverpool and watching the Guilty Feminist live

Gratitude diary 19/10/18

Grateful for relaxing time with my partner

Gratitude diary 18/10/18

Grateful for potential collaboration between rivals

Gratitude diary 17/10/18

Grateful to still be able to play and enjoy volleyball

Gratitude diary 16/10/18

Grateful for the advantages of dyslexia and how society is changing for the better

Gratitude diary 15/10/18

Grateful to eat steak at a new resturant with my partner and good friends

Gratitude diary 14/10/18

Grateful to live in a city where I bump into friends in coffee shops

Gratitude diary 13/10/18

Grateful watch a favourate film with my partner

Gratitude diary 12/10/18

Grateful to witness a special Manchester Internetional Festival event

Gratitude diary 11/10/18

Grateful to catch up with friends over good food

Gratitude diary 10/10/18

Grateful to not have had a motorcycle crash in almost 20 years

Gratitude diary 09/10/18

Grateful to try something different

Gratitude diary 08/10/18

Grateful to help friends out when they really need it

Gratitude diary 07/10/18

Grateful to spend breakfast with my partner and a new friend

Gratitude diary 04/10/18

Grateful to spend time talking relationships with new friends

Gratitude diary 05/10/18

Grateful to spend time with my partner eating tasty indian food

Gratitude diary 06/10/18

Grateful to spend time watching and discussing Inception with people who have never seen it before

Gratitude diary 01/10/18

Grateful to see object based media front and centre in the York Mediale

Gratitude diary 30/09/18

Grateful to spend time with my parents