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Trail running notes on Arran plus a few other things

The hunt for Urie Loch

I never quite got there today; Urie Loch. After returning home from the boggy run, my girlfriend told me that it's boggy even in summer, so that made me feel better at turning back :)

Apparently, you keep climbing up and up (ignoring the signs that say 1.6 miles and then 2 miles...) and eventually you get there.

The climbing wasn't the issue though; I was concerned I might lose a shoe :)

Regardless of not quite making, it was a stunning morning. A little bit of cloud made it more special when the early morning sun did come out.

There was a break in the woods at one point - and a break in the clouds - and the views were fantastic. The sun was shining on The Ross. The green moss on the trees was lit up luminous green. And you could see the white cottages of Lamlash glistening.

Pretty cool.

To be honest, it was only boggy at the top. The majority of the run is simple trail terrain. So don't let me put you off. It's worth doing...

Heading south from Lamlash, you take The Ross road by Arran Fine Foods and keep going for a bit to Dymill car park. Cross the bridge over Monamore Burn and head right where the trail continues through the trees or cuts across another bridge.

You can go both ways, but the bridge is a better route. From there, you start to climb on mixed terrain.

This morning was so peaceful: not a breath of wind, I could hear birds tweeting and running through the forest had an eerie silence to it.

I didn't have my phone on me, so no photos today. But I'll take it next time and make sure I get to the loch. And tie my shoelaces tight!

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