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Races on Arran

I've been searching around for races on Arran. I've found a handful, which I've listed below. Looks like we need a race in August and September! Will update when new ones appear.

14 & 15 April 2018
Ultra Trail of Arran
Organised by Rat Race
Two day weekend running 50km each day

22 April 2018
Ormidale 10k
Organised by Arran Runners
Flat coastal route between Brodick and Corrie

19 May 2018
Goatfell Race
Organised by Arran Runners
15.5 km run from Brodick to the summit of Goatfell and back

16 June 2018
Ultra Trail Scotland: Arran
Organised by Ultra Trail Scotland
71km course with 5000m+ ascent

16 June 2018
"Tarsuinn Trail": Arran
Organised by Ultra Trail Scotland
At a little over 25km with 2000m+

1 July 2018
Isle of Arran Half Marathon
Organised by Arran Runners
Half marathon on the west coast

PS - note that as of today, the Goatfell race is full

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