My online name is Sapphire. I'm a programmer, scout, student and friend. 🐺I enjoy meditation, camping, programming, dreaming up new ideas/projects and experiencing this wonderful thing called life. 🐺I'm a currently recovering fapstronaut and 152 days. 🐺Finally, if you know who I am in really life, don't mention this blog. I do my best work when I don't know who's reading.



I’m dealing with some problems that I didn’t realize that I was self sabotaging in until I spoke to my mom and at that point as I was talking I realized that I was self sabotaging. It’s regarding graphing a function with domain, x and y ints, symmetry, min and max points (first derivative test), second derivative test, points of inflection and then graphing the entire thing. So now that I realize it fully, I can but an end to this destructive behavior because it’s making me stressed unnecessarily because it is self inflicted harm.

Other than that my day went really well. I received a text from Yan yesterday talking about how he had read my dad’s book and that he was just like me with his own hurts and trauma. That got me thinking, Yan had seriously abusive parents, a friend of mine is dealing with the fallout of being raped, another friend of mine has the fear that he’s going to fuck up so badly that he’ll be abandoned by everyone he loves. As my aunt says, everyone has a story. You can’t always see it. So I try to live with this mentality and when some is rude or something similar to just remember that they’re probably having a rough day.

I’m going work on SNAT tomorrow. I decided to watch part of Rat race.

Anyway, I’m tired and still need to plan tomorrow so I’m signing off for today.

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