My online name is Sapphire. I'm a programmer, scout, student and friend. 🐺I enjoy meditation, camping, programming, dreaming up new ideas/projects and experiencing this wonderful thing called life. 🐺I'm a currently recovering fapstronaut and 152 days. 🐺Finally, if you know who I am in really life, don't mention this blog. I do my best work when I don't know who's reading.



I’ve been really tired in the evening which is fine. I just need to plan accordingly. If I don’t have a sufficient plan, I end up eating lazyly and spending time looking at some comics like Dilbert, XKCD and Garfield. Not a bad way to end an evening at all! But considering how tired I feel, prioritizing my sleep until I begin sleeping better which will improve again after the 23rd would also be a worthy goal.

I wanted to talk about one thing,  Yan’s idea on how to delete a root node and my reaction to it.

So it was yesterday that I meet Yan for an hour and we talked about his code and his learning. Looking back I’m not all that proud of some of the interactions that I had with him. I was trying to emulate the type of positive reinforcement and gentle correction of ideas to something that works. However, it went south almost right away when he was talking about how to delete a root node in a binary tree. I said you need to just shift one of the nodes to become the root. He said that is too complicated and that if you select either the rightmost leaf on the left side or the leftmost leaf on the right side and set it as a root node that would be the simplest. Here’s the part that really upset me, instead of just saying “Wow, I’d never thought of it like that, it’s brilliant!” - which is what I should have said and would have been supportive, I somehow felt the need to correct and insist for a long while that my more complicated (and probably very buggy method) was better, for a bullshit reason that I’m not even going to do bother mentioning. Very quickly I realized that I was being stupid and probably very mean without meaning to be. I apologized and told him, yes, this is a great idea. Better than mine. However looking back I realized that for some reason, I had trouble accepting that someone with only a few months of experience could have a better idea than me. Which really doesn’t make sense for me, because I usually don’t have a problem accepting ideas regardless of who they come from.

I’ve learned from my mistake and am going to be extra supportive and really careful before I provide any verbal feedback to Yan since I don’t want to make this type of mistake again.

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