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Hey! Today I got 50% of the work I wanted done in school done. However, I’m good to go on student accessibility services.

The main thing that I want to talk about today is how my day went followed by a detailed look at something called LEAF and why it’s really important thing to consider.

Today was a fantastic day, I got a lot of Arts 1110 work done along with finishing Comp 1010 lab. Which means no more Comp 1010 work for the next week. This means that I only have to worry about three courses for the next week, giving me extra time to study Math and Stat’s, which I’m super stoked about. Near noon I meet with a writing tutor and am coming down the home stretch for my arts 1110 writing assignment that is 1500 words. Tomorrow, I’m hanging out with Bailey from 1300-1500 and Yan from 1700-1900. This puts pressure on my day (which is good), when I have a slight squeeze, I tend to be more productive than I would have been otherwise. Otherwise my work fills the day and I feel less happy.

I got into a interesting conversation with my mom about is it appropriate for companies that you’re applying to for a job, to ask you about your blog URL or home website. She said if it’s very well disconnected from your physically identity she has no problem with someone lying but if it’s easily findable then yes. However very quickly it became clear that the reason that companies were asking such information that I immediately consider “violation of privacy” is who wants a neo-natzi or white supremacist working at their company? This spiraled into a conversation about encryption and such. She saying that you need encryption for either really legitimate work or really illegitimate work.

I agreed but that got me thinking, if I design or use software that is suspected or known to be used by a possible terrorist or someone who is known by the law enforcement to go on a shooting rampage, what legal and moral responsibilities do I have as a develop in providing access to law enforcement so that they can do their job at keeping us safe.

I firmely believe that LEAF (Law Enforcement Access Field) should be implemented in all encryption protocols if it were only somehow magically accessible to only the law enforcement and no one else. What would prevent that from being abused by a government that isn’t democratic?

The question that I’m wrangling on is encryption do more harm or do more good? How many preventable deaths are worth the cost of encryption or lack of encryption? I don’t know what to do, I don’t know which way I should step, I’m confused.

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