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Not Pregnant

I never have people over at my house because my family are major introverts. It's just my mom, my dad and I. Yesterday I decided to invite my friends and their boyfriends over for a movie night. It was pretty fun, I cleaned the whole house and set up a home theatre. We watched The Room and Shrek 2.

I glanced over once and noticed my one friend's hand moving ever so slightly under the blanket. She was giving her boyfriend a hand job like 3 feet away from me and everyone else. Classy.

And something really great happened! Low and behold, as I was cleaning and hauling furniture around I felt a familiar ache in my lower back. I raced to the bathroom and was relieved to see blood in my underwear. I'm not pregnant! My boyfriend and I were really worried because a condom made a mysterious disappearance a while back (it's not hiding inside me, we found it in the morning). We were really drunk at the time.

When he arrived I pulled him aside and shared the good news. He was really relieved, but I could tell that deep inside he was kind of hoping I was pregnant. He wants kids so bad and he's afraid that he'll never get another chance, I can just tell. Not that I would have his children, I'd have an abortion for sure. He knows that, I've told him.

He'll have his big family one day, just not with me. No matter how hard he wishes for it.

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