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Second Amendment in NYC

I've lived at my new place for 6 months. I live on the ground floor. In this time, there have been 6 people shot 50 feet from my window. Dudes are literally just hang out on the corner all day playing dominos, dice, and waiting to shoot people. It's really not as glamorous as it appears in the snoop dogg videos I've seen. The dice still looks fun, though.

There's so much weird shit in my neighborhood.

If I go on a walk on a Saturday morning (7-8 AM), The streets are lined with dudes with their backs up against the storefronts just staring at the street. Completely burnt up. Probably about 10-15 dudes per block. I'll try to take a pic of it next weekend if I remember.

The local park has an outdoor gym. Where people live in tents, blast music, and workout all day.

You can only buy lottery tickets through a bulletproof window.

CVS only conducts business with morally upright customers.

The hardware store has no supplies, but has 10 employees huddled around a 1990s TV watching VHSs.

I can't make this stuff up.

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