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Fishing in NYC

You can get nearly anywhere in the city on public transportation within an hour. However, last Saturday I was fishing somewhere that took 4 hours to get to even though it was only a 30 minute drive from my home.

When I got there I met Mike, a herring fishing expert. Most people that fish are completely burnt up, so there was nothing out of the ordinary with Mike talking like a crazy person.

Mike sold me some lures, helped me tie them, and showed me how to jig for herring.

Then he wanted to lower his lamp into the water and tie the lamp's rope to the railing. I held the rope while he tied it. Over the next four hours he kept wanting to move the lamp to different spots. Each time he started brushing against my hand more and more and then touching and then resting. It got weird.

It's midnight and I'm 4 hours from home. "I'm going to head home". Mike offers me a ride home in his white van that doesn't have any windows. I think I'll take the bus.

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