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Wilderness in NYC

"For maybe 99 percent of human history, a few million years, humans were hunters. They didn't get up and go to work each morning. That started with civilization and civilization is nothing but a heart beat of recent time. Ten thousand years at the most, and to hell with that. I want to wake up naked and alone in the desert. I want to eat sand, and drink piss, and pass out screaming from sun burns and spider bites. But I know it won't work, and I know it won't happen."

-- Scott Carrier

People pretend there's great wilderness in NYC. It's not true.

I have three options for fishing this weekend:

  1. Take a 2 hour bus to go to a spot that should be good for catching herring.

  2. Take a 2 hour train to use the only legal winter trout fishing river.

  3. Take a 45 min subway to the beach.

I won't catch any fish with any of these options. For bass fishing season, there's tons of places in NYC. Tons of ponds with half pound bass that are completely dormant.

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