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Smoking in NYC

When you step into a subway train and see someone sleeping on the seats, you quickly smell the train to figure out if you need to change cars before the doors close. 80% of the time, it's a homeless guy who has spread a disasterous odor through the entire car.

Yesterday, I got on, saw a guy sleeping, smelled nothing, and sat down across from him.

Two minutes later, he kind of rumbled around, pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it and pulled. Not even sat up or opened his eyes. 2 minutes of smoking. Then he dropped his cigarette and lighter on the floor accidentally because he fell back asleep.

It was so crazy this guy was smoking on the train. We all looked at each other like "are you seeing this".

Then I realized how strange it was that it was strange. Homeless dudes do so much crazy stuff on the train, but smoking it outside of their range. Sip beer, drop it, and spill it all over the floor. Pee on the floor. Ejaculate into whatever they want. Yell at someone. Yell at no one. Yell at nothing. Vomit. But no one would expect them to smoke. Why not?

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