Stats, Money, and NYC


Transportation in NYC

Above is how much we spend each month on transportation.

Every day I get on the subway, sardined in with too many people. The guy next to me coughs in his hand and then rubs it all over the pole. The guy behind me coughs. The guy laying on the bench taking up 300% too much room has fresh urine all over his pants. Three stops later the first white people get on. The coughing intensifies and so does the number of $4.00 fancy drinks in cardboard cups.

Each conductor has their own method of dealing with passengers that try to cram into the train even though they don't fit and end up delaying the train becuase the conductor can't shut the door. My two favorite conductors do the following:

  1. If the delinquent passenger ends up getting on the train, the conductor mashes the "Please don't hold the door open" PSA button the whole way until the next stop and makes the passenger listen to it over and over while everyone glares at him.

  2. The conductor gets on the mic "WHAT UP WHAT UP NYC. IF YOU HOLD THE DOOR OPEN IMMA SIT HERE UNTIL YOU EXIT THE CAR." Then we sit there for another minute until the delinquent passenger realizes the conductor ain't messin around.

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