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Brothels in NYC

I used to live in a residential neighbor in Queens. I needed to go to a welding shop and Google said there was one just down the street from my place in a direction I've never walked. I went there and the neighbor was entirely different. It was an industrial area with semi trucks lining the street.

I was there at five in the morning and there was a building with an open sign that I was 20% sure was a brothel. I decided to check it out. When a 45 year old woman in a sparkly and revealing gymnastic outfit answered the door, I was 100% sure it was a brothel.

"how much does it cost?"

"80 dollars for an hour. Plus tip"

"Ok I'll go get cash and be right back"

I never came back but now I can detect brothels everywhere in NYC. I think everyone walks right past them because they aren't looking for them. I usually go in and ask how much. It's always 80 dollars for an hour.

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