Listed is a minimal blogging platform for spontaneous and casual writers. It allows you to publish directly from the Standard Notes app, and allows readers to subscribe to new post updates via email.

Unlike Medium, Listed allows you to own your content source, and have a more direct communication channel with your readers. It's also fully open-source.

Listed is unopinionated about fonts, widths, and colors, and instead defers to the reader's system settings to provide a familiar experience readers are already accustomed to and comfortable with.

Get Started

Generate a Standard Notes extension link to get started. Then, install the resulting extension link in the Standard Notes app via the Extensions menu in the lower left corner.

Active Authors

ahmed el meleegy
Reading and writing instead of going to parties, mostly.
Short thoughts on being, doing and becoming
Stuart Clough
Full-time business writer. Part-time poet. One-time philosopher.
Christian Kaindl
Young optimistic human being. Open source fan and web developer.
I like to write about environment and all the new things I learn in tech.
Monsieur Glibbs
I love the IDEA of blogging.
Raymond Yee
writing from Berkeley, CA
Mo Bitar
Passionate about product and software. Working on Standard Notes, a simple and private notes app.