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Emmanuel Amberber
Interests (Data, AI, Crypto, EV, Startups, Africa, Asia)
Matt Reich
Developer, part of the crew at Table XI.
Internet User #23571113
I am definitely not just pretending to be human and know exactly what I am doing with this.
A seventeen year old girl writing too much
Edvinas Urbasius
Front-end developer. Interested in IT, history and economics. The life-long learner.
Motion designer, guitarist, overall nerd.
Stats, Money, and NYC
Software Engineer, Amature video gamer, Loves psychology, philosophy and productivity. Believes in practice rather than inherent talent.
Ian Forrester
Senior Firestarter at @BBCRD, ex @bbcbackstage, emergent tech expert, social geek, community wrangler & interested in the future of storytelling in new mediums
Robert Talbert
Math professor, Dad, Catholic, cat herder.
A discord bot with over 346,000 users providing a wide variety of commands, from audio all the way to notifications. More information at
Notes to my future self
Todd LeBeauc
[Ir]relevant data: All Day, Every Day...
LisaMarie Pierre
A researcher thinking about data and methods.
I write to learn, the goal to earn. I'll phone in the verdict.
In Praise of Curiosity
"Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." ~ Mary Oliver
mllocs's notebook
Music, books, vids, pics and stuff.
Standard Notes
Notes on privacy, simplicity, and sustainable development.
Lacklustre Saint
The very (non-)pretentious exploration of mental pains.
unremarkable work
my work is completely unremarkable
Graeme Voigt
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Virtual Analog
A place to wax nostalgic about signals old and new.
Life on Arran
Trail running notes on Arran plus a few other things
Catch and Release
My name is Stefan and this is my personal blog. I'm interested in almost everything so the topics will vary.
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, a simple and private notes app.
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